Stachys sylvatica. Hedge-woundwort. Créachtlus.


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Beautiful flower spikes with pinky-purple flowers. Fabulous for nectar loving insects and a perfect understory for your new woodland. A hardy perennial.

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Common name:  Hedge-woundwort. Créachtlus.

This population originates from Co Down. Irish Grid reference: J 572 496. This collection was kindly donated by management of the local National Trust property management in 2018. It is taken from an area of woodland that has not received wild flower seeds from afar in living knowledge and we are content it was a natural, native population.
Hardy rhizomatous perennial to 75cms. Long pinky-purple spikes of orchid like flowers on numerous single stems which also produce shorter side-flower spikes along the stem. The roots can grow up to 500m, making it prolific in hedgerow and woodland settings. Preferring moist, fertile soil – like a woodland floor, it tolerates shade well.

All kinds of insects, including bees, enjoy this plant, flowers late June into September providing a good source of nectar. Insects of the genus Lepidoptera have been recorded on Hedge Woundwort.

Does well in a hedgerow or woodland and once established will spread. It belongs to the mint family, propagating itself through seeds and root runners.

Sowing guidelines:
Sow March/April in trays.  Prick out when large enough to handle. Plant out when large enough to cope with the environment you’re putting it into, usually around May. Be careful of drought, water in well and keep watered if it’s dry until the roots get a chance to down and out into the soil.
You can also sow in Aug/Sept, prick out into modules by Oct/Nov and overwintering. Plant out in April.

Cultural history:
Has been used in traditional medicine, it has healing properties for wounds, but you guessed that already.

Avg contents: 150 seeds.

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