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For membership you are welcome to have free postage for your welcome pack, alternatively you can pay the postage and that money also stays with the charity.

True Harvest Seeds sell native-Irish-origin wild flower seeds and seed mixes.
We grow all of our own Indigenous – originally from the island of Ireland, wild flower species here at Kilclief.
We’ll will be adding more wildflower seed mixes for different habitats, if you need a bespoke mix contact us.

We grow some vegetable seeds but mostly import from top quality organic and Demeter standard seed houses across the EU. We bring in seeds that are tested, fresh and grow well here in Ireland, for your growing success.
We also buy from selected, reputable seed growers in Ireland, helping support the seed industry in Ireland.

We’ve used organic principles since the beginning and became fully registered organic in May 2022. Survival of our planet and ourselves, rests with working in harmony with nature, but you know that. By supporting organic growers and sellers you are supporting a healthier planet. Real power rests in the pocket of each and every consumer.

Our wild flower, vegetable and herb seeds are from Open Pollinated plants. If you grow them on, the seed they produce will be viable. You are free to collect and use this seed. You need never buy them again. Terrible marketing plan, but we wish to give our customers the ability to grow Grow and GROW!
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Thank you for visiting our websites. All profits stay within the charity and go towards furthering our conservation of indigenous – island of Ireland, wild flowers 🙂