Organic Chamomile. Matricaria Chamomilla.


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An annual plant commonly used for medicinal purposes with the aromatic flowers being dried and used to make tea.

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Organic Chamomile. Matricaria Chamomilla.

Organic Chamomile, Matricaria Chamomilla, is a daisy-like annual plant from the Asteraceae family. Additionally known as German chamomile, Hungarian chamomile, wild chamomile, blue chamomile or scented mayweed. The word chamomile derives from the Greek for ‘earth apple’ which refers to its low growing habit and apple like scent. Regular deheading will encourage further flowers to grow.

Bee-friendly: This plant has a good nectar or pollen supply, which is especially good for honey and wild bees, as well as other pollinating insects.

How to grow

Sow indoors in March, April or August or outdoors from April to August. Blooms May to September. Crops grow best on well balanced soils with good topsoil. Grows to approx. 50cm. Propagation and later transplanting in small clumps is highly recommended but they can be sown directly. Light dependant germinator however so grow in a sunny spot with well draining soil.

Problem solving

Weeds can cause slow youth development, so good weed control is required for this reason. Protect seedlings and young plants from slugs,snails and aphids.

Favourite ways to USE them

Commonly used for medicinal purposes with the aromatic flowers being dried and used to make tea. Dried flowers can also be used for herbal pillows or to make pot pourii.
As with all herbs we need to say to you to only use them when you know what you are doing, with the help of a professional herbalist or health care practitioner.

Cultural history

It originated in South-West Asia, South- to eastern Europe but can be found growing almost all over the world.

Avg contents: 1000 seeds.

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