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For your cottage garden flower bed with beautiful cerise to white coloured flowers and soft feathery foliage. Loved by bees and hoverflies. Great for cut flowers.

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Cosmos. Cosmos bipinnatus.

A non-native to Ireland annual flower, this is great because it won’t cross breed with our native species. It is low maintenance and a great flower for beginners to grow! A real beauty in a cottage garden flower bed growing up to 180cms tall. Attractive to bees with it’s open flower and beautiful dark pink to white coloured petals. It has fine foliage which adds delicate texture and soft scent to the flower bed. Works really well as a cut flower for posies or flower arrangements. Flowers from July to October giving out large seeds in upright pods at the end of the season that are easy to collect and clean for next year.

How to grow

Sow seeds in March in large modules and transplant out when around 8cms tall after hardening off. Or sow outside in situ in April in a weed free seed bed. Sow at a depth of 1cm in 30cm squares.

Problem solving

Likes full sun. Protect young seedlings and plants from slugs.

Favourite ways to USE them

For a beautiful display and really lovely by pollinators of all kinds.

Cultural history

Native to Mexico.

Avg contents: 65 seeds.

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