Organic Herb Lovage


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Tasty herbaceous perennial herb with celery like properties. Stems, leaves and seeds can be eaten. Tolerates damp, shady conditions well.

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Organic Herb Lovage. Levisticum officinale.

Perennial herb growing to 2m in height. It’s an aromatic plant somewhere between celery and parsley. Flowers are yellow in clusters not unlike flowering fennel.

How to grow:
Sow seeds early in February in trays on heat at 20C. Prick out when large enough to handle into pots and transplat outside into position from late spring 60 cms apart. Can sow direct and thin out from May on. Loves a rich moist soil and will tolerate partial shade.

Problem solving:
Keep an eye out for aphids.

Favourite ways to eat them:
The leaves and tops of stems used as celery. The roots as a vegetable and the seeds as a spice. An intense flavour so try out your preference if you’ve not used it before.

Cultural history:
It’s exact range isn’t really known, but much of Europe and southwest Asia is suspected. It has been long used especially in southern Europe.

Avg contents: 0.5g (~150 seeds).

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