Herb Mint: Peppermint.


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The most widely used mint today with its excellent flavour and dark green leaves. Grow in a large pot by your back door for a beautifully scented garden.

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Herb Mint: Peppermint. Mentha piperita.

Beautiful lush dark green leaves on long stems growing up to 70cms in height. This mint can be grown from both seed and cuttings.
We’re delighted to be able to offer this mint again. We grew this to organic standards in every aspect except it was in a big crate, so it can’t be considered registered organic because it wasn’t in the soil. We daren’t let it out because as you most likely know it could be invasive in a field setting. It can be contained in a garden in a single bed as long as you keep an eye on it. But really we recommend a lovely big ceramic pot by the back door where you can keep it well watered in summer and pinch leaves easily.

How to grow:
Sow seeds under cover – to keep them moist at all times, from March on, a little heat can help them along but not essential. Plant up in clumps into pots, plant out into position when large enough. Does well in a moist slightly shady position.

Problem solving:
Trouble free mostly but just keep an eye out for rust. Plants spread readily on runners, many people grow it in pots to limit its growth, keep in a water tray as it doesn’t like to dry out.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Chop up and sprinkle on baby potatoes and peas. Or make a nice mint tea. Or mint sauce, finely chopped mint a little hot water and sugar, add vinegar to taste. So many uses from flavouring toothpaste to icecream and medicinally in small doses to relieve heartburn or nerve pain.

Cultural history:
Indeginous to Europe and the middle East, it is widely spread worldwide. Seed count 8000-10000 per gram.

Avg contents: 500 seeds.

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