Organic Leek: Autumn Giant 2


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An autumn cultivation variety, robust variety with vigerous growth giving a thick stem.

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Organic Leek: Autumn Giant 2. Allium porrum.

This vigerous variety of leek is ready throughout autumn.

How to grow:
Sow seeds in deep pots thickly under cover in February or sow in beds outside March/April. Once they’re about 7-8″ tall separate them out gently and drop into holes made with a 1″ diameter stick/dibbler of about 6″ deep and 14″ apart. Water in well filling up the hole you made for each one.

Problem solving:
Leeks are pretty easy to grow. This variety grows really well in fertile, deeply dug soil.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Sauteed with onion and kale, olive oil and salt. The bedrock of stews with potato, parsley, carrot and anything else you love, divine in stews and casseroles.

Cultural history:
A cultivar of the native broad leaf leek, Allium ampeloprasum, native to southern Europe and Asia.

Avg 350 seeds per gram.

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